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I’ve worked as a volunteer for this organization for a couple of years and the experience was very fulfilling. I was a graduating nurse that time and I was able to work with exceptional physicians who have the heart of helping people. They are very compassionate in what they do and became a really good model to me. This is most especially during some nights when some of the doctors need to be on-call. Although they do not get any profit from helping people, they still do so. My faith in humanity was restored because of this organization.


My son was suffering from a rare disorder which caused his livers to shrink in unimaginable size. It was very frustrating as a mother especially since we do not have that capability to pay for surgeries and sophisticated treatments. I emailed to ask for assistance with this organization and my son was immediately brought to one of the hospitals downtown for treatment. I was already shaking by then because of the potential amount I need to pay for all the medical bills. Good thing they managed to help me lowered it exponentially. Some of the doctors who looked at my son’s condition even waived their professional fees for charitable purposes. To say that I am grateful for all the help was an understatement. I believed that I owe the second life of my son to this organization. For that, I will be forever thankful.