Check out the new addition to our website. This page answers the most frequently asked questions by our visitors. This will serve as your guide in knowing more about the services we offer here. If your questions are not answered here, please feel free to contact us via the contact details we have included on the Contact Us page.

We are trying to access the community page but it is prompting us to register. Is it really necessary?

Unfortunately, it is. You have a freedom to access everything we have included on our website. But in order to engage in a conversation with other members present on this site, you need to register first.

How safe are my details?

Very. We do not use any of the given information during the registration process for any reasons at all. We do not save them and our website is thoroughly protected by a security system that prevents all your details from being phished or stolen.

I want to donate. How?

Donations could be through PayPal and through other major credit card companies like Visa and Master Card. You could also send us your donations in the form of a cheque. This should be written under the name of the organization. We highly discourage you to send cash donations via mail for safety and security purposes.

Are donations in kind accepted?

Yes. We do accept any form of donations whether in cash or in kind. We accept medicines and goods that could both be utilized by the recipients.

What does volunteering entail?

When you volunteer with us, you get to choose the extent of activities you want to participate in. You could land a desk job or you could be on the field. You have the freedom to choose in how you can help us help people.