Advocating Patients’ Rights for A Better Future

Welcome to New Patients’ Rights Advocacy!

Several hundred thousand, and even millions of people have been suffering from different kinds of illnesses every year from all over the world. Some of these have the capability to care for themselves, others are left to suffer because they cannot afford the care they deserve. This is the same case in the United States. Although health cards managed to help with this dilemma, still, not everyone could afford that kind of investment due to the budget constraints they have.

New Patients’ Rights Advocacy has the ability to help. Ever since it’s foundation in 2010, we have been helping both in and outpatient to get the right medical care they deserve. We have been providing them assistance in terms of medicines and affordable laboratories that make their rehabilitation faster and much easier. What more is that we have been giving them access to cheap consultations with more than 10,000 affiliated doctors to our organization.

We know that the expensiveness of treatment is what keeping a big number of the population for coming to clinics and hospitals even though they have already been suffering from pain and many visible symptoms. As a consequence, they are not able to get the right amount of treatment as early as possible. For cases in which such symptoms develop into severe diseases, later on, this could be crucial as the inability of stopping the disease from developing during its early stage may cause fatalities such as death. This is what we hope to prevent here at New Patients’ Rights Advocacy.

Aside from accessible medical treatment, here at New Patients’ Rights Advocacy, we give also every individual the opportunity for the right amount of information. This includes breakthroughs in the medical science which could help them in healing better. We give them knowledge of their rights as patients. In cases where medicines that could help them heal are being held back or restricted, we fight to push the implementation of it at all cost. This is to ensure that every individual would have all the advantages they need when it comes to healing. We are in partnership with many other non-government organizations in this fight, and recently many people who are in the position have come to show us their support as well. We are not at all scared of using this influences to our advantage to make the future of the people in the community brighter.

Other activities that are being held by New Patients’ Rights Advocacy are regular seminars and lectures that give people knowledge on everything they should know about medical treatment. These are being held behind our headquarters’ beautiful garage doors in Phoenix. These programs are for free and the schedules are announced regularly on our online bulletin.

 New Patients’ Rights Advocacy!

Want to volunteer with us? That is possible too. All you have to do is to send us a message of intent and attached a copy of your cv/resume. A representative will get back to you on this. Let us all help one another in this advocacy.