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New Patients’ Rights Advocacy has been established in 2010 by Julia Bliss. She was a neurosurgeon back then who just got back from serving voluntarily as a doctor in Africa. The exposure gave her the empathy that there are individuals who are not receiving the right medical attention they need. She doesn’t want this to happen in her own country. As such, with the help of her colleagues, they advocate more accessible medical treatment and medicines to those who need it.

It started small. The funds came from sponsorships and some from their own pockets. But through religious hard work, they managed to succeed in their goals. They managed to engage people and help them as much as they could. One achievement that had significantly come from their work is the lowered statistics on people not being able to receive medical treatment. Also, during studies conducted a couple of years after that, it was also found out that the mortality rate for people dying of severe illnesses not being found out earlier on had decreased significantly. This after effects of their activities in the organization just fuelled their passion to help more.

With the founding of New Patients’ Rights Advocacy, there is also the spreading of awareness among individuals in the community. Now, they already know that a simple stomach ache could lead to something more and something fatal later on. Armed with the knowledge that there is help in their vicinity, individuals are not anymore aversed from getting a check-up or being treated. As such, their life became also relatively lighter and happier.

To this day, New Patients’ Rights Advocacy just keeps growing better and stronger. The list of people they are able to help already counted to several thousand and it just keeps growing in numbers.